I’d been using Netlify Large Media for on-the-fly image resizing for a while with no complaints. However, I always had the limits for free transformations in the back of my mind. I knew it wasn’t a permanent solution, and now also wanted more fine-grained control over images (prompted by some CSS changes). I decided to use the eleventy-img plugin based on a good experience with it last year.

I got the impression that I couldn’t use the eleventy-img shortcodes because of my customized markup and Pug templates, so I switched my existing HTML generation mechanism to use metadata from the plugin. (Although, looking at it now, I don’t remember what kept me from using generateHTML.) Fortunately, remark supports asynchronous plugins. Everything works as well as before or better: compatible browsers will now display the more efficient AVIF or WebP formats. (Never mind the historical data I accidentally lost in the process.) I just have to be careful not to terminate the dev server while images are being generated, as that produces garbled files and cleaning them up manually is tedious.

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