You may have noticed this blog now has actual fonts and CSS, and even a background image. What you see is the result of a Sunday night spent paging through font lists (for which I made a demo page), playing with padding & borders, trying (unsuccessfully) to create a colour palette, and staring at SVG background image galleries. As I’ve mentioned before, my natural inclination is to sit on things until a mythical perfect moment. To avoid that, when I feel overwhelmed by the possibilities of whichever aspect of the site I’m working on at present, I make myself choose the option that I dislike least and implement that. Hence the prominent background, the wide spacing, the very distinct font for the headings—I’ve always loved these sorts of fonts, and I feel like Rift is the perfect version of them. I want to move forward, and moving forward means making choices. I can always change them again later. Meanwhile, all I have is very plain CSS (not even the Sass I set up) that fell into a vaguely BEM-like rhythm and some fonts pulled from Adobe Creative Cloud (a larger list than you see on the site, for the sake of experimentation).

There’s now a homepage with a list of articles and a bit of metadata about posts on their pages. I’ve also taken the first steps towards adding the thoughts I’ve written up over the past year without putting them in blog post form.

My two major concerns after all this are accessibility—I feel like I’ve slipped up somewhere but I’m not quite sure where—and the mobile experience, which is probably terrible. I’ll focus on those next, and after that some sort of sidebar-esque component that orients people on the website. Progress!

Next in series: (#4 in Colophon: Finding A Place For My Head)