While the pandemic gave me an excuse to revisit bad habits, I thought of that as a temporary adjustment until a few months ago. In March, amidst a welcome glut of satisfying work, I found myself in need of a counterweight to all the focused effort I was putting into several software projects, personal and otherwise—something to take my mind off everything else—but books, movies, and shows just weren’t enough after two years of being at home. I threw myself into gaming instead, which I’d kept up in a minor way since April 2021. I’m happy to report it was the right decision.

As you might expect, just as I have thoughts on everything I read or watch, I also have thoughts on what I play. I therefore made a few additions to A Place For My Head to make room for said thoughts: witness my entry on XCOM 2, the first on a small but growing list. Games are unique in that ‘finishing’ them is not necessarily relevant, so for these entries, I replace the ‘Finished’ date with the period during which I played them. I’d add the platform, but it seems unnecessary since I only have a PC. I’ll reconsider if I ever buy a console.

I’m unsure whether to include those I only watch playthroughs of (generally console-exclusive games like Spider-Man Remastered on the PS5). After all, I’m not playing those. (Well, I did end up playing Spider-Man on PC later.) On the other hand, I can certainly comment on the story, visuals, and so on.

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