I have a couple of entries planned on more significant improvements, but for now, here are all the smaller changes since the last Miscellany a year ago:

On a more general note, I was talking to someone about how I always optimize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—such as by combining CSS selectors or removing unused JavaScript code—but prefer not to minify it, such as by removing all non-significant whitespace and renaming variables. I once learnt web development by peeking at other people’s source; we all did, before the rise of the bundler. I want to make it easy for today’s new developers to do the same with my work.

The conversation also got me thinking about my front page. With 253 entries at the time of publication, the HTML weighs in at 292.68 KB. This is compressed using Brotli by Netlify, so I only send 18.14 KB over the network. The page would have to be 20 times as large to match the combined size of the fonts (my real weakness), or 50 times to cross the threshold of a single megabyte, which was the average page size… some four or five years ago. I should be safe for a while yet.

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