It’s been an exciting couple of months since the last instalment. I added a dark colour scheme, improved the article headers, cleverly lost some historical data, perfected image captions for all time, moved to self-hosted builds, sped up broken-links-inspector by not using it, and demoted the AVIF image format. At the same time, I’ve kept up the smaller, less obvious improvements to A Place For My Head:

On a general note, I’m happy to report that, in keeping with my promise, I’ve been publishing more. Much more. I’ve already added 106 entries in the past two and a half months, reducing my Thoughts & Spoilers backlog from 14 months to a mere ten. I’m generally writing longer entries there, too, and starting to learn how to weave my disorganized, reactionary notes into comprehensible prose that—I optimistically assume—is significantly easier to read than what I would have produced nearly two years ago.

At the same time, I’ve improved my technical articles—again, I assume—by making them smaller and more focused. The newest series includes several especially short entries. I’m not entirely comfortable with that, but there’s a vast amount of material to cover, and the only way it’ll be of any use to either myself or anyone else is if I ruthlessly prune and segment it.

I hope I’m able to keep up the pace. There’s still so much more to tell you about, like how I set up auto-archival for this site but it doesn’t work properly yet.

Next in series: (#37 in Colophon: Finding A Place For My Head)