Me: My card was charged for the Google Workspace two days ago, but every time I try to enable it, it fails.

Me: Yes. I go to [site 1], I click on Google Workspace on the left, and it shows that the status of [email address at site 1] is failed. I’ve clicked on Try Again many times in the past few days without success.

Me: (That is, I click on Manage under [site 1].)

Them: Just to confirm one last thing, the website fails to load after you press "Apply License(s)"?

Me: Sorry, I think we may be seeing different things.

Them: I see, this is the link I am looking at right now: [link to site 2 control panel]


Me: Ah, this is for [site 1]: [link to site 1 control panel]

Them: I see, are you trying to access it for [site 2]?

(deep breath)

And a fun little capper

The Domain.com chat window saying I can close it. The Domain.com chat window when I try to close it saying I might lose data.