I wanted to install KubeView, a tool for visualizing Kubernetes clusters, as part of rebuilding my own cluster. I discovered that the Helm chart created either an Ingress or a LoadBalancer, so I submitted a fix. Once I had it running, though, I didn’t find it very useful: the main view offers little information and can’t even fit all the resources of a large namespace.

Incidentally, it fetched 8.6 MB of data to show that view, all uncompressed since it was using the Vue dev server under the hood. I decided I could do without it.

This led me to re-examine my assumption that Argo CD was using gzip. Apparently not! That requires passing the --enable-gzip flag (and presumably restarting the container, if you put it in the argocd-cmd-params-cm ConfigMap). To be fair, compression is typically the responsibility of the ingress controller. It’s just that I was primarily accessing Argo through port forwarding in those early days.

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