As I worked on rebuilding my Kubernetes cluster, I wanted to enable Discord notifications to stay abreast of what was happening with my Argo CD Applications, so I added Argo CD Notifications (a separate project at the time). I tried Discord’s Slack-Compatible Webhook. That didn’t work: Argo CD would always append (or was it chat.postMessage?) to the provided URL, with no way to change it. Further exploration revealed that I was using the wrong endpoint, as /slack is for webhooks from Slack.

I switched to /webhook. Now I couldn’t get it to send the custom rich template I’d defined in the ConfigMap, because triggers are associated with specific templates and the ones in the catalog (one of which I was using) were bundled with their own templates.

I duplicated the triggers from the catalog for use with my own templates and was soon receiving Discord notifications. I initially saw many errors about not being able to fetch from GitLab, but there were also notifications about the sync succeeding.

At a later point, I switched to using the Argo CD Notifications Helm chart so that I didn’t have to put my webhook URL and other details in the clear in a ConfigMap. I suddenly realized I was no longer receiving notifications.

There were two reasons. First, I’d put $discord-webhook-path in the templates section, which doesn’t support variable interpolation; moving it to services fixed that. Second, the Helm chart added an argocd-notifications label, but argocd-repo-server only allowed traffic from argocd-notifications-controller. I got around that by overriding the release name.

Once I could see it working, I put a regenerated webhook URI in the Secret.

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