WarningMight contain spoilers.

This is a film whose trailer had stayed in my mind since I first saw it on Birth.Movies.Death. (though I can no longer find the article). The concept is intriguing, and it is well executed in some aspects. It’s strongest at conveying the atmosphere of a rather unusual party, as Zubacz put it on IMDb:

The camera-work during the party scenes was very well done. The atmosphere of an awesome party with just a touch of "something weird" was delivered perfectly.

The score was perfect, too, with its thumping, uplifting party grooves constantly undercut or overtaken by eerie drones and melodies.

That’s as much as I can say about its strengths, though. This is a lecherous and leering film, filled with gratuitous nudity (and, for no apparent reason, a likely-underage girl making out with herself). It has one of the most bland and unremarkable leading men I’ve seen in a while. The ending is strange and vague. The filmmakers clearly had no idea how to follow through on the idea they started with. Some sort of entirely dark, bleak ending would have at least been consistent with the trajectory of the film, but instead there’s a single, strange happy ending, of a sort, and it’s for someone who kills his girlfriend—or ‘his’ version of her, anyway—in cold blood so he can start over with another version of her. The rest of it is a giant question mark.

It’s also, uh, interesting to note the people of colour in this film: the weird guy whose party it is; the guy who steals the lead’s girlfriend; the two strippers; and the guy who strangles the other version of himself.