WarningMight contain spoilers.

This is a good show that takes a little time to draw you in. I enjoyed the first episode when I watched it; I started the next one immediately only to pause partway through, not returning to it for months. It’s never uninteresting, but it only becomes engrossing once we’ve spent some time with both protagonists.

I’ll admit it, though: Lily’s a slightly irritating character when we meet her. On the other hand, I liked her brother and his eventual boyfriend a lot. Dash is alright. The supporting cast are all fun, and the casual diversity is nice, right from Lily onwards. Boomer’s an odd case—he has shades of the ‘black best friend’, and his arc feels like a forced response to that, including his apparent date with Sophia in the end. And speaking of which, Sophia’s far too good to be true. The sweet way she accepts that Dash doesn’t want to be with her after her own struggles and and the effort she put into rekindling their relationship is both heartwarming and unbelievable.

Really, all my complaints are quite minor. It’s too bad there probably won’t be any continuation. The story is resolved in a satisfying way, Dash & Lily are finally together, but their actions will have many practical consequences. I’m sure there would be plenty of material for another fun season.