WarningMight contain spoilers.

Doom Patrol is just as much of a marvel (oops) in its second season as in its first. It’s impressive just how consistent the quality is. The two much-needed breather episodes (‘Sex Patrol’ and ‘Dumb Patrol’) were brilliant—I had to pause to laugh at Larry trying to toss the popcorn into his mouth. Doctor Cowboy (I do have beakers!) and Angry Jesus were hilarious too, at least for as long as they were allowed to be.

Abi Monterey truly is wonderful in her ability to convey sweetness without being saccharine, making it all the more shocking when Dorothy outright murders one of Jane’s personalities. I understand she’s a child in some respects, but this… this was beyond the pale.

The premature end of the season, just one episode early, was a giant disappointment. What a cliffhanger. I hope they’re able to weather the storm and create a third season of the same calibre. Doom Patrol has a special quality—there is nothing of the ordinary about it and nothing accidental. It throws into sharp relief the homogeneity of other superhero-flavoured work (of which I’ve watched more than I will ever admit).

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