WarningMight contain spoilers.

A succession of unmotivated images of arbitrarily-selected characters declaiming words assembled in a random order, juxtaposed with beautiful images. The views of Synnax, the black hole engine, the jump, and Trantor are all stunning, just to name a few. It’s criminal to waste so much money on a show whose creators seem entirely ignorant of storytelling, regardless of how good it looks.[1] It’s also criminal to waste Lee Pace like this, though I did like the lovely moment in the first episode where Hari Seldon talks about the Empire co-opting the Foundation if it can and Brother Day just smiles. Alfred Enoch is very good, too, in spite of the blank space in the script where his character should be.

I read the books nearly 20 years ago and enjoyed them well enough. I barely remember them, however, and tried to revisit the series around eight years ago but found I was missing most of it. As such, I haven’t the faintest notion how faithful an adaptation this is.

I like the opening credits, which remind me of both Dune and Avengers: Infinity War .

  1. David S. Goyer’s involvement has been a red flag for years.