WarningMight contain spoilers.

Good performances. Karen Gillan is the star, of course, but I like what Lena Headey, Ivan Kaye, and Adam Nagaitis are doing too. Paul Giamatti is a solid choice for Nathan. Michelle Yeoh and Carla Gugina are badasses. (I like the relationships between the ‘Aunts’. It’s very sad when Madeleine dies.) I wasn’t as impressed with Angela Bassett, but she’s never bad.

Chloe Coleman’s name comes far into the credits, but she’s so good in her role: easy to empathize with, believably childlike without being cloying or annoying, and present in every moment without demanding attention, in a way that constantly adds to the story.

The story needs a lot of trimming and editing. It moves too slowly for what it is. The direction is interesting: quite a lot of unusual choices, some of which succeed. I also don’t mind the less successful ones because at least they’re not bland. The ending is disappointing, though. I thought they were going to go on a rampage to kill the entire Board (or lay the foundation for a sequel). I don’t know that just telling Nathan to warn the Board is useful.

I like the recurring musical theme a lot. It’s strange that the opening title has a completely different synthesizer style to it from the rest of the film. Meanwhile, the ‘books’ metaphor for guns is initially amusing, then wears thin. I also thought Rose would have more of a role but she turns out to be superfluous.

I did not realize Karen Gillan’s younger self was Ciri from The Witcher! She’s a lot better there.