WarningMight contain spoilers.

What a beautiful, lovely, wondrous, and stunning film! The opening credits and occasional comic panel–esque images are a sight to behold. This is an hour of Hilda’s world, running on Hilda’s rules, filled with heart, hope, laughter, love, and warmth. Hilda’s troll mother (Trylla, was it?) is sweet in spite of everything, as is Baba.

I must admit The Mountain King and his brother are unusually superficial characters by Hilda’s standards. It’s worse for the nameless brother with his confusing behaviour. I truly enjoyed the Mountain King’s voice, though.

I was on the verge of the tears during the entire affecting, moving, and heartfelt ending. I would love for Hilda to go on forever, but if this were the conclusion, it would be a suitable one. Fortunately, it was renewed for a third and final season! Since I never got the chance to rewatch the first two in anticipation of this film, that means I still have the opportunity to do it all before that one.

It’s a shame Kaisa doesn’t get to do anything. The trolls eating each other is nauseating.