WarningMight contain spoilers.

What can I say about this monumental, flawless film—the greatest ever made, and my favourite of all time—that hasn’t been said already? I genuinely have no idea how many times I’ve seen it, considering I used to merrily pop the cassette into the VCR and watch it one more time practically every other day as a child. (I picked 30 as a very conservative estimate because it’s a nice, round number.) It’s a part of my brain at this point. Despite that, I was delighted to rediscover little things about it that I’d forgotten in the six years since my last viewing. I cannot overstate the joy, glee, and wonder that this incredible movie brings to me.

The dinosaurs still mostly look fantastic, thanks to their scant 15 minutes of screen time and the use of animatronics along with computer-generated imagery. I’ll admit the latter has aged more poorly, as you’d expect; watching this right after the astonishing Prehistoric Planet naturally made that more evident. Not that that hinders the film in any way.

The cast is absolutely perfect, of course. One could not ask for a better-suited set of actors or a better-suited set of characters. In particular, I’m impressed by how the child actors are able to infuse Lex and Tim with a realistic childishness without becoming irritating or annoying.

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