WarningMight contain spoilers.

Absolutely lovely, with sterling visuals. The combination of the æsthetic choices and the fidelity render it—pardon the pun—a real treat to look at: it’s one of perhaps a handful of games I’ve played with cutting-edge visuals that are designed and executed so well one could believe any technological limitations were non-existent. Whatever the truth may be, it feels as though what one sees is exactly what was envisioned. This is a deliciously tactile, inventive, whimsical and wondrous game with a heartwarming story that doesn’t need words.

Eschewing words makes it confusing at times, however, despite efforts to guide the player. There’s often a delay between triggering an action and seeing it occur, making it hard to be sure it was the right one. I had to refer to a walkthrough several times because I didn’t realize certain actions were possible.

The controls leave something to be desired: as noted by Rock Paper Shotgun, using one button for everything makes it imprecise and somewhat frustrating. Aside from that, a few loading pauses make the levels that switch between, well, levels quite tedious. I also don’t like going into the dark, which feels eerie and out of place.

A visual sampling