WarningMight contain spoilers.

Fun, cute, funny, charming, and easy-going. I didn’t play it for too long because I was distracted by other, shinier games, so I didn’t even manage to try the gene splicing, but I do intend to return to it, especially now that it’s getting dinosaur-centric DLC!

I’ve been playing a lot more and quite enjoying it. There are a few annoyances. The first is a major one: the interface doesn’t scale well to 4K. In particular, the list of pens and the list of animals in pens are both very small and require peering at the screen to discern what the animals look like or whether a pen’s bars aren’t full. The second is that I can’t find a straightforward way to view all the animals in the zoo, nor to view all the pens in the zoo without first clicking on a random pen. The third is that the notifications about animals—deaths and births—sometimes show 1 of 3 or similar indicators but there’s no way to make the notifications go away directly or to see the next animal. Indeed, the notifications are quite annoying. You can’t click on them to go to the source.