WarningMight contain spoilers.

This was a really good one. It’s nice to see more and more of Annabeth. I like Alex—with a few reservations—and I really admire Rick Riordan for how hard he’s worked to learn about experiences different from his own and integrate them into his writing over time.

Loki’s prison evokes Tartarus, to my mind. That’s not a pleasant memory. Randolph’s situation is horrifying. Hearthstone’s father is reprehensible. That applies to Alfheim as a whole, really.

I had to stop and laugh for a full minute at Blitzen setting the enchanted bag’s password to password. Both the absurdity of his choice and the reactions of his friends are priceless. Thrynga jumping out of the lava, nearly dead, to declare she will kill all of them with three gods in tactical armor in front of her had me in splits. Jack is great too. Magnus hiding behind him when they tell Thor about the wedding and the hammer is hilarious. I like how Sif and Alex come to an understanding when Alex gets a makeover.

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