WarningMight contain spoilers.

Such a delight. As in Notting Hill nine years prior, the frankly superhuman charm of Hugh Grant carries the day:[1] Sophie isn’t unlikable, but neither is she unusually appealing. The supporting characters are all enjoyable: Sophie’s sister Rhonda, Brad Garrett as Chris, Jason Antoon as Greg the other lyricist, and a fearless Haley Bennett as Cora.

The music truly is the backbone of the film. ‘PoP! Goes My Heart’ is both a perfect parody of ’80s music and videos and a classic in its own right. ‘Way Back Into Love’ is, appropriately enough, a lovely song. Alex’s singing is believably simple and pleasant.

I like how muted Alex and Sophie’s big fight is, in keeping with the gentle tone of the film, but it also feels a bit forced. Alex telling her she really is that fictional version of herself from the book is disproportionately cruel, all the more so for how lovable he otherwise is.

  1. As my sister pointed out, the problem with Hugh Grant is that he’s always more charming than his co-stars.