WarningMight contain spoilers.

A good entry, but not one that leaves as much of an impression as the others. While I can’t quite describe it as more violent or gory, it has more death and darkness than the last instalment, much like the first book. I personally preferred it when Irene and Vale had an unspoken mutual attraction rather than an explicit one, as well.

Poor Zayanna. She did the right thing in the end (after helping bring about many deaths). I really thought her deceit must be some sort of misdirection, because it seemed too obvious: a Fae whom Irene somewhat trusts appears, people try to kill Irene, and, lo and behold, the Fae turns out to be untrustworthy after all. In fact, I kept wondering if Inspector Singh would turn out to be the real villain.

The addition of incest to the story is most unwelcome. I fervently hope it’s eventually revealed that that aspect of the legend of Alberich is incorrect, and I also hope Irene isn’t his daughter. In any event, the climactic battle is impressive, if slightly confusing. Alberich’s furious epithet after she starts the fire—Book burner—is like a dagger stabbing at the heart of everything Irene is.

I greatly enjoyed watching her deal with the werewolves on her own, demonstrating once again just how capable she is.