WarningMight contain spoilers.

A very good sequel, and a dramatic one at that, not to mention brutal. Prohibition-era America certainly lends itself to a thrilling plot. The absence of Alberich and diminished presence of the Library make this something of an isolated adventure. I didn’t expect Irene and Kai to kiss before the end of series, though, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it happening right in front of Vale just one book after Irene offered herself up to him, especially since he has no response whatsoever.

The dragons play the antagonists this time, after the Fae had their turn a couple of books ago. To be fair, it’s really only three villainous dragons, but it’s clear that no others—Queen Ya Yu included—would censure them or take action against them just for causing collateral damage amongst humans or using Librarians as pawns.

Evariste is quite useless, but Irene and him using the Language together is awe-inspiring. Meanwhile, I’d enjoy seeing Lily the Pink Lily the Fae reappear in a later story.

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