WarningMight contain spoilers.

Still enjoyable, but somewhat dated, with a number of awkward moments where nothing is happening. Lyle, possibly the funniest character, is an incel in the making who illegally eavesdrops on his ex-girlfriend’s calls and uses his speakers to remove women’s clothing. I can’t see Mark Wahlberg the same way today, either.

That said, the good parts are still good and the driving is still terrific. Even though I disliked The Fate of the Furious , it’s clear why F. Gary Gray was invited to direct it. Oddly, I remembered there being much more of the Mini Coopers than there actually is (much like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park): they’re really only in the climax. It’s curious how little one sees of the inside of the car, too, given the typical preoccupation of this sort of film with gears and handbrakes. At any rate, Edward Norton is very good, and so is some of the music.