WarningMight contain spoilers.

Another very good entry in the series. I like that Calypso and Leo don’t automatically get a happily ever after, yet the obstacles they face are neither insurmountable nor disproportionate (nor solely drummed up for the sake of conflict). Emmie and Jo behaving like Leo’s parents is cute. I’m happy to see Thalia again—Apollo teasing her about their first meeting is fun, as is her response. I would not have thought we’d encounter Lityerses again after Heroes of Olympus, but I’m happy to see him and glad Apollo spares him. Meanwhile, I’m hungry for more of Jamie and the Yoruba gods.

Apollo antagonizing the Arrow of Dodona by catching on to its surreptitious reliance on Google Maps is hilarious (I SHALL SAY NO MORE TO YOU, BASE VILLAIN!). So is his history with Britomartis. Sssssarah’s lazy expression after swallowing one of the Germani made me giggle. The blemmyae and their politeness had me in splits:

‘Please get off!’ the trooper wailed. ‘Please and thank you!’

The karpoi were not concerned with good manners.

As did Peaches:

‘Um, I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. I’m Apollo.’

Peaches pointed to his friend on the right. ‘Peaches.’ Then to the baby demon on his left. ‘Peaches.’

The story does have its share of tragedy. Heloise’s death is very painful. Livia has suffered so much trauma, including losing her own mate. Agamethus and Trophonius’s tale is heartbreaking:

The answer floated up through the water, a dense block of words on the small white die face: I WILL GO WHERE I MUST. I WILL FIND TROPHONIUS. TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER, AS MY BROTHER AND I COULD NOT.

He released his grip on the windowsill. The wind took him, and Agamethus dissolved into motes in the sunlight.

I don’t understand why Apollo has to rescue Meg with mouth to mouth. That was such an unnecessary choice. It’s completely out of character for Rick Riordan.

Incidentally, this is the last book I’d read in the series, and therefore the last thing I’d read by Riordan. I subsequently forgot when the next one was being released. I did remember later, but by then I had also forgotten the books themselves, so I thought I’d wait until I got a chance to read them all again. It’s only been three years, anyway.

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