WarningMight contain spoilers.

At last, a return to Percy Jackson’s world! The Trials of Apollo is made in the same mold, despite the different protagonist and supporting cast, and I appreciate it all the more for that. Apollo makes me laugh again and again. It’s nice to see him grow. (Slowly. Ever so slowly.) Meg makes an excellent partner for him. I love Percy, his reactions to Apollo, and the way he, or rather the weekend, arrives in the climax. I would not have expected Roman emperors to be a greater foe than the giants and the Titans, but I can overlook that for the sake of the story. I’m just so thrilled to be back in the orbit of Camp Half-Blood.

I wonder what the consequences of Apollo breaking his oath twice will be. It ought to be terrible, but how bad can it really be, given that the story must end with him restored to godhood?

The dryads sacrificing themselves to stop the fire brings a lump to my throat.

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