WarningMight contain spoilers.

The only Wallace and Gromit–related work I’d seen before was 2005’s fantastic Curse of the Were-Rabbit (quite a few times). I got down to watching The Wrong Trousers just the day after having seen a lovely video about Aardman Animations, when I was sick and in need of cheering up. The video unfortunately gave away much of the plot, but the short film is a delight nonetheless: charming and funny. I’m very happy I finally rectified my omission.

The penguin truly is effortlessly sinister! I was impressed by how detailed his plan and measurements are. What makes him particularly convincing and interesting, though, is the way he sweats and worries as he navigates the interior of the museum, not to mention how he fumbles the diamond thrice. I felt bad for Gromit when he thinks he’s being replaced.

The train chase is, of course, a work of art. Perhaps the best moment, though, is when the penguin takes off the glove and Wallace gasps and says, It’s you!.