WarningMight contain spoilers.

Good fun. Very well done. I’ve been meaning to watch it for years now and it didn’t disappoint in the least. I think it would be difficult for a modern mockumentary in the same vein to so sincerely respect its universe and abstain from winking at the audience. I can readily believe it was almost entirely improvised, and the cast’s own musical talents explain the authenticity of the soundtrack. I particularly enjoyed the Stonehenge song.

An important part of its appeal is the delicious dichotomy between the personas of the band and their real selves. Its wholesome, restrained nature is the key to its charm. Witness the lack of sex and drugs in this supposed rock ’n’ roll documentary, for example. (I’m glad a less wholesome scene was left out.)

This is mainly David—I didn’t even recognize Chuck from the sublime Better Call Saul !—and Nigel’s story, with some Derek, and they easily carry it. Centering the film on what is apparently the end of their careers is clever. I giggled many times at the continued joke of the drummers mysteriously dying one after another.