WarningMight contain spoilers.

Not nearly as good as the first one. Pedro Pascal and Chris Pine are so much better than this movie. Chris Pine exudes warmth and humanity; Pedro Pascal perfectly portrays longing. Kristen Wiig is very good too. Gal Gadot was fine in the first one, in spite of struggling with emotional moments, but she really comes across as wooden here.

The movie’s lesson about the dangers of getting your wishes was undercut by the fact that it used two terrible human beings to demonstrate it. I was also disappointed that the focal point of the story was Diana pining over the first man she ever met (and fell in love with); and of course, there are disturbing issues of consent inherent in the plot.

The opening sequence with the games on Themyscira is excellent but sets a very misleading tone. The visual effects in the rest of the movie are hardly better than those in Krrish . Despite everything, however, Diana’s climactic speech about not being alone is powerful and resonant. If only I could say the same of the movie preceding it…