WarningMight contain spoilers.

This is still a fantastic film and one of the only times I’ve found Ginnifer Goodwin tolerable. I know now that Jason Bateman voices Nick, but the first time I saw it, I just kept wondering whether this was somehow a younger version of Bill Murray. For some reason, I vaguely remembered Gazelle as being played by Rihanna. I couldn’t understand why she sounded so different. I suppose the fact that it’s Shakira goes some way to explaining it.

The subject is as timely as ever; the movie makes its point well while telling an engaging with humour and heart. The animation is nice enough. It looks less impressive now than it did then, but I remember the visuals were never the draw in any case. The differently-sized objects for different animals lend it a special charm, and the animals are a joy to watch (see: the lemmings, the rams). I enjoyed the off-brand spoofs of Disney movies that the weasel sells.